Daisy is a concept  born from the love we share for food and drinks.

Our food is simple, elegant and modern drawing on inspiration from France and Italy. Using locally sourced seasonal produce, vegetables slowly grown for flavour, sustainable line caught fish and meat from small family run farms. Reducing waste wherever possible.

We are passionate about natural and bio dynamic wines, which simply express the characteristics of their terroirs.

Our dream is to one day transform our concept into a restaurant where we can share our love for food and drinks with others.

Hi! My name is Ben.

I began working in restaurants in 2015 with Graham Neville in Dublin, he showed me the basics of the kitchen and the inner workings of a fine dining restaurant. In 2016 I moved to Paris to train at Ferrandi school of culinary arts. After completing my diploma I went to work for starred chef Thibault Sombardier in his restaurants Antoine and Mensae. It was here I fell in love with French food. During my time in Paris I had the opportunity to experience Italian cuisine by opening a restaurant with starred chef Ugo Alciati. In 2019 I moved to London to go work for Ben Marks in Perilla, a young and exciting restaurant serving modern European food. In 2021 I got the opportunity to work in Lyle’s, at the time was number 33 in the 50 best restaurants in the world.

These experiences have helped me shape a vision for the food I want to cook and share.

Ciao! My name is Beatrice and I take care of the dining experience from A to Z.

My career in hospitality started in 2017 when I attended the European Bartender School in Milan. Right after I started to work at The Botanical Club of Milan where I also took care of  their well-known small batch Gin distillery. In 2018 I decided to move to London where I began my career in restaurants. The first two places I worked in were both Scandinavian influenced. At that time I got to understand the service side of this industry. The place where I really started loving restaurants was Perilla! A fine dining restaurant where the attention to detail is everything. In Perilla I got a chance to meet a very talented sommelier who helped me expand my interest in wine and very supportive owner which helped me in my WSET sudies.

Most importantly Perilla is where I found Ben!